Park Seč

Wake and water skiing park Wake/Seč is located near Seč town in Chrudim county. Thanks to the new tourist track, it’s directly linked with modern Autokemp Seč Pláž, located circa 250m from the park.

Wakeboarding and water skiing park is situated in beautiful surroundings of Seč dam. The area is part of protected landscape area Železné Hory. The dam is used for summer recreation by visitors from entire Czech Republic. The ruins of the two castles - Oheb and Vildštejn - rise above the water reservoir of the Seč dam. The dam shore is dotted by many recreational facilities offering accommodation and board, and by private and corporate summer cottages.

Parking: You can park your vehicle in the spacious carpark circa 200m from the Wake/Seč park. It’s operated and watched over by the Seč city council on the weekends.

GPS: 49°50'20.653"N, 15°39'19.138"E


More advanced riders can use top quality floating obstacles - kicker and rail. Design of the obstacles allows their quick installation in case the riders request them. The obstacles are made entirely from plastic without any other materials added. Thanks to this, there are no creases on them. The plastic materials that the obstacles are made from have very low friction coefficient, which means you do not slow down when using them during your ride.

Outdoor gym

It’s a good practice to stretch and warm up before your ride. This is why the park includes an outdoor gym. It was designed to provide ideal warm-up for the body parts most important for wakeboarding and water skiing. Our staff will gladly provide you with an advice and show you the essential exercises.

Catering and sitting area

Catering and sitting area is located so that you can comfortably watch the tow track.